Thursday, 1 June 2006

Microstock photo results for May 2006

I thought I would migrate my blog here to see how it goes. What I do is give a monthly breakdown of where my microstock photo earnings come from (based on $ received).

The following is a breakdown of where I earned my money from for the month of May so you can get an indication of what sites are better.

26% shutterstock
23% dreamtime
5% Fotolia
4% istockphoto
20% bigstockphoto
4% 123RF
13% StockXpert
0% Canstock
5% Featurepics

shutterstock and bigstockphoto are higher than they should be due to each having $20 extended licenses which with my small portfolio has quite a distortionary effect. Hopefully I will get a lot more next month.

dreamtime is my pick for best site at the moment. StockXpert is my up and coming recommendation. istockphoto is the one I need to do some work on. I only submit there when I know I have a successful shot due to high rejections, as such I only have a very small portfolio there but it has a very good per picture payout rate (ie good sales - unfortunately they have a low payout ratio though).

I will try to update monthly so you can see how the different sites are going. But for this month the winner is:

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