Thursday, 1 February 2007

Janurary Microstock photo results


Well the month got of to a slow start but picked up nicely. I haven' really submitted any photos for the last 3 months so numbers are a bit down due to this and the holiday season. Will be uploading more photos shortly so hoping that the earnings start increasing again (I have some purchases I want to make).

Below are percentages for the month to show how I have been going:

25% shutterstock
16% dreamtime
21% Fotolia
18% istockphoto
6% bigstockphoto
9% 123RF
3% StockXpert
1% Featurepics
1% Canstock
0% Galastock this site appears to be dead and I wouldn't bother.
1% LuckyOliver

Fotolia had a great month and I think the original time I spent getting my photos there is now paying off. Uploading there is a bit cumbersome but the sales volumn is picking up and is now proving worthwhile. Fotolia has a huge portfolio of photos and their marketing is picking up. They are also a multi-language sites and have quite a focus in Europe which is a developing market (judging by time of sales, the main market is still the US).


123RF is going strong. I think this is a site to watch out for as it is nice and easy to uplaod to, sales are on the up and it is backed by one of the big macrostock companies.

shutterstock continues to be my pick as it continues to get consistant high sales, so if you haven't joined up yet, have a look: