Tuesday, 11 July 2006

My first Microstock photo payment

I received my first payment from shutterstock and bigstockphoto . I received payment by paypal and had it successfully transfered into my bank account. No fees were charged by shutterstock , bigstockphoto or paypal .

This was my main concern with doing this is that I would never see the money. i have enough for a payout at 2 other sites now so I will request some more money. This is actually starting to payoff.

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Monday, 10 July 2006

Fotolia now has the most photos

Fotolia have done it. They now have more photos (911,000) than both shutterstock and istockphoto (908,000)


Saturday, 1 July 2006


It has been a good month. Not quite as good as last month but is better if you exclude the two extended license sales that I got.
Below are percentages for the month and since I began so you can see that they are pretty consistant:
32% 28% shutterstock
19% 23% dreamtime
14% 9% Fotolia
7% 6% istockphoto
6% 12% bigstockphoto
5% 5% 123RF
13% 10% StockXpert
0% 0% Canstock
4% 6% Featurepics

shutterstock and dreamtime are still my best two and I recommend everyone to jump onto these. However, my pick of the month is Fotolia . Sales are increasing as as I stated in my previous post, they are growing at a great speed - they will probably be the first to 1 million photos so that whould attract buyers: