Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Microstock photo results for July


I haven't done much this month (submitting wise) and yet I earned just a little bit more than last month. This is a good sign as it shows that it is a good passive income stream that I am getting, even if I am away from the computer. I also got a payout from two more to bring that to a total of 4 that I have received payouts from.

Below are percentages for the month to show how I have been going:

24% shutterstock
28% dreamtime
10% Fotolia
14% istockphoto
6% bigstockphoto
7% 123RF
8% StockXpert

However, my pick of the month is dreamtime . Sales are increasing (I am not the only one to report this) and the amounts are increasing as the amount of old credits (half the price) start running out:

Royalty Free Images

Fotolia is now above the 1million photos (as predicted last month) so that are also a hot pick for when they start their marketing drive (note they onlly really started in Janurary and are already the biggest).


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