Saturday, 16 September 2006

Size comparisons of the microstock sites


I am upload photos at the moment and a bit bored so thought I would do another post. Since it is mid month I can do my monthly update so had to think of something else. From a desingers point of view (they are the ones that buy the photos so are very improtant), the number of photos is very important, after the quality of the photos on the site.

Therefore, it is intersting to compare the number of photos on each site. So here goes. These are from the last time I looked but give you an indication:

Fotolia 1,264,747
shutterstock 1,032,613
dreamtime 610,000
istockphoto 1,055,075
bigstockphoto 509,000
123RF 400,000
StockXpert 220,000
Featurepics 72,995
Canstock 264,470
Galastock new

Well, as you can see Fotolia is the biggest, followed by istockphoto and shutterstock so these are definately the big three and should be used by all microstockers. StockXpert is definately batting above its weight at the moment so is one to watch.


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