Friday, 23 March 2007

Corbis to enter Microstock

Corbis, one of the main macrostock agencies, has announced that they plan to enter microstock in the next few months. This will add to the other major macrostock agencies who already have microstock agencies:

Getty : istockphoto (bought last year for $50m)
Jupiter : StockXpert
Inmagine : 123RF

What hasn't been said is whether they intent to buy one of the existing stock sites or whether they are going to start from scratch.

Extract from article:

Title: Micro-stock momentum
Date: 21 March 2007
In an exclusive interview, Steve Davis, CEO of Corbis, reveals the company's new ambitions in the micro-stock market and why he isn't concerned about Getty's recent spending spree. Katie Scott reports
Corbis says it intends to enter the micro-stock market, competing with archrival Getty Images for a slice of one of the fastest growth areas in royalty-free picture licensing.
In an exclusive interview with BJP, Corbis CEO Steve Davis said the company is aiming for a leadership position in the market for low-cost micro-stock imagery, where images are typically supplied by amateur photographers and sold for as little as $1. He promised that Corbis will make a splash with the launch of a new service in 'the next few months'.

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