Friday, 18 May 2007

Earn US$300 a day on microstock

Some people treat microstock as a hobbie (like me). Some people treat it as a job. Then there are a few that treat it as a business.

Yuri Arcurs is one of those people. In a resent post at Shutterstock, he announced that he had finally passed the 1000DL a day mark. In total on the 9 May 2007, Yuri (User name Logos on Shutterstock) sold 1170 photos and made a total of US354.50 from photo sales on one site alone. He probably isn't selling that much each day at the moment (especially on weekends) but that is an annualised $129,000 a year.

But remember this is just one site he submits to. He submits to 16 sites, some better than others. At istock he has sold over 56000 photos (he is constrained by istocks upload limits), nearly 14,000 photos at Dreamstime, and over 10,000 at fotolia (second top contributor).

Asked how he got to that point he said "Two years of 60+ hours per week. + Assistants and reinvesting almost every cent."

On his website Yuri states"In one year I sell around 400,000 individual licenses for the use of my pictures, which is equal to the amount of sales my biggest istock competitor has in her entire carrier.

With the help of my assistants I produce around 400 pictures per month. I keep a staff of about 10 – 12 designers, stylists, make-up artists, computer assistants, marketing managers, editors at all times."

Yuri is one of the top microstockers around (he ranks himself number two) and is someone to look upto.


1911 said...

Being a shutterstock contributor myself, I was totally amazed by his achievements on getting 1170 download in a single day! That is almost US$10K per month. He gives the rest of us inspiration on microstock.

Lunatic said...

Please put on a RSS feed button...You have a nice blog...wanna read it again. :-)