Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Fotolia pricing changes

Fotolia pricing changes

Well I don’t think v2 of Fotolia has even gone live yet (v2 changes previously discussed here)but they have already made pricing changes. This is actually a good thing as the changes seem to make sence. That is, they are keeping 1 credit as $1. This is a very good move as it would have been very confusing to work out how much anything was costing.

The second change is to put in a new Small level which is blog sized. The previous smallest image (called medium) is now worth twice as much so this is effectively still a payrise with each image size now worth an extra credit.

A blog size is also good as this is a growth area for microstock in my opinion (depending on whether “free stock” or creative commons take off).

Lets hope this increases sales or at least sales values.

Since that time we have had a lot of feedback from photographers and buyers and have decided to adjust our pricing changes a little.
• The first change is to introduce a new license called the Small Standard RF License. This license will offer images at 600x800 pixels, specifically targeted for web usage.
• The second change is to keep the credit price the same. 1 credit will still equal $1.
• The last change is that our pricing chart will be altered with the introduction of the small standard license.

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