Sunday, 1 July 2007

New Sites: Snapvillage, Geckostock and albumo

I am not sure why but there has been a few new entries into the market in the past month:

I have already blogged about Snapvillage here and here. It is definately most anticipated of the new entries but also the most disappointing. No FTP, No IPTC and only 30% commission. It is only Beta so expect things to get better there.

Recommedation: Hold off for now till they at least offer FTP and IPTC.

Albumu: Weird name (better than Snapvillage though) but they do have FTP, IPTC and commissions of 50% or more.

In addition, they are trying to get critical mass of photos so they are giving contributors $25 if they upload 250 or more photos.

Recommendation: Uncertain but the initial offering of $25 for 250 makes it tempt it.

Geckostock: This technically isn't a new site as it is a rebranding of Raw Stock Images (RSI) which never really started. They also offer FTP, IPTC and 50% commission.

Recommendation: Uncertain but they are offering 50% so may be worth supporting.


Kel said...

Hi i see you mensioned geckostock on your blog a way back, i have a large port there and havent been able to get on for a year now. have they pulled the plug do you know? its all very rude

CJPhoto said...

I beleive they are dead.

Snapvillage is on the way out with Corbis transfering images to another site which they have acquired.

Not sure about Albumo. I think they are dead as well.