Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Update on some sites - Fotolia, Snapvillage, Albumo

I thought I would give a mid month update on a few sites:


Their site is still a mess after their V2 upgrade. The search function for buyers is having major issues and pulling up zero results in popular searchs. Many people, including myself have seen significantly less sales than pre v2. However, uploads seem to be working again. Whether it is worth it or whether the site is destined for the scrap heap is a different matter.

Recommendation: I am uploading again. Fotolia was one of my first sites so has a special pull. I am also going on a long holiday soon so want my photos on line before I go.

Fotolia link


Progress is very slow on their site and they are still very much a Beta (if not an Alpha). They still have no IPTC and no FTP which are crutial. They have advised in their blog that they are they will have IPTC (when they launch it (very helpful thank you)) soon.

Recommendation: Hold back until they offer both FTP and IPTC. Before that it is a waste of time as once they offer these, everyone will upload and all the time you spent will seem like a waste of time. Many people are taking this approach so you wont miss out.

Snapvillage link


Well I haven't heard much that is happening here. However, people are uploading and they are already at over 70,000 images. They have done this very quick and is no doubt due to them paying $25 for your first 250 photos uploading (and more if you upload more than 1000). They also have a "100 club" which means that when you get when you upload 1000 photos (called 100 because only 100 are going to be given this status) you earn 10c per upload and a higher commission (60% rather than 50%). A few big names including AndreR have joined this club so that is has some support. Still no reports of sales though.

Recommendation: Personally I would still hold off - but (to go against my own recommendation) I have started uploading. Why, I want the $25 for uploading and since I am going on holiday shortly, I might miss out on this offer by the time I get back. I assume they will offer this deal until the 100club is full and since they only have about 30-40 members at the moment, you still have a bit of time to uplaod and still get the deal. If you want to go for the 100Club though,I would start now.

Albumo link



Anonymous said...

Hi CJPhoto,

SnapVillage, the microstock marketplace empowered by Corbis, today announced support for IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) metadata formats and XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) files, making it easier and faster for photographers to incorporate data about the images they submit to the site. In addition, image searches have been modified to sort by “Snappyness” by default - photos appear in the order based on a photo’s quality, number of views and comments. The user-generated stock licensing site continues to enhance its overall site performance, uploading, and registration processes to focus on simplicity and ease of use.

With IPTC/XMP support, photo descriptions, keywords and other relevant data are automatically imported from the images to the Web site during the submission process. While contributors are not required to provide this information – making the site one of the easiest to use – photographers now have the option to add image data as they see fit. This is one of several planned enhancements during the Web site’s beta period, and the company encourages its users to continue providing feedback so it can make positive enhancements and provide the best user experience.

In the coming weeks, SnapVillage plans to improve its image protection by including a watermark in the center of uploaded photos.

Since its beta launch in June, SnapVillage has experienced rapid growth adding more than 50,000 images for purchase on its site. If you would like to speak with an executive with SnapVillage for more information about recent milestones or Web site enhancements, please contact me at apontti@webershandwick.com.


Anonymous said...

you should try reading the community page on albumo, lots of people complaining about albumo not paying out to photographers who make sells. Lots of people complaining that albumo don't even respond to e-mails, photo approval is slow (i uploaded my photos since november '08 and still waiting, today is 6 jan '09). And those who complain in their forums albumo actually delete the comment, I remember 1 time was reading some complains about albumo, the following day it was gone. So anyone out looking for a stock site, I strongly recommend you stay away from Albumo.