Saturday, 15 March 2008

Snapvillage update

A short update on snapvillage. It appears they will soon be out of beta and have already started to increase their marketing. I have always said this is one to watch. It is owned by Corbis so has the backing of the second biggest stock house (after Getty which backs iStock, the biggest microstock site), and Corbis is owned by Bill Gates so the possibility of a Microsoft tie in is a possibility.

Note: I currently have a grand total of 1 photo on the site so I cant really comment on them from experience. I haven't uploaded anymore on the basis that they were originally only for sale in the USA (I understand they have now gone global) and the fact they weren't doing marketing until out of beta. I am now considering upload all my photos.

News from SnapVillage: site improvements and new ads March 14, 2008
Posted by SnapVillage Team

Say Goodbye to Beta Soon
We’re doing some spring cleaning at SnapVillage. Our web team has been working hard to fix the last few bugs in the site so we can get out of beta soon. You should notice an increase in performance right away as we release these improvements. Many of you sent in suggestions for new features and reported problem spots on the site. Thanks for sending us your ideas and reporting bugs when you found them. We need everyone’s help to keep the Village running smoothly.

SnapVillage hits Newsstands Everywhere
In January, we announced that we’re ramping up our marketing efforts. We’re primarily targeting graphic designers, art directors and other creative professionals. You can find our first print ad in the February issue of Creativity Magazine, introducing SnapVillage to future buyers (check out the ad below). You’ll see more ads in the March issue of Creativity, GD USA and the April/May issue of Photoshop User. Watch for ads in even more magazines coming out in May and June.

Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!
We’re not just reaching out with magazine ads, we’re also contacting buyers directly with our direct mail campaign. It will include a special feature to bring graphic designers into our community. We don’t want to give away the surprise, so stay tuned for more details!

Get ready to welcome some new neighbors to SnapVillage. Keep your ideas and images coming!

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