Monday, 3 March 2008

Microstock photography results for Feb 2008

Well it has been another month on non-action on my part at the micro sites, the reason (a relatively lame one) is that the Hard disk on my laptop is overflowing and my external harddrives are safely stored at my parents house.

Sales are up slight on last month, another great month of passive earnings. With the increase in payouts at shutterstock expected in May, and more photos that are ready to be edited, hopefully I will be able to increase my earnings once I actually start putting some work into microstock again.

Below are percentages for the month to show how I have been going:

20% shutterstock
15% dreamtime
8% Fotolia
23% istockphoto
6% bigstockphoto
12% 123RF
14% StockXpert
1% Featurepics
1% LuckyOliver

Previous results for 2008:
Jan 2008 Earnings

Royalty Free Images


Chris said...

Roughly how many pictures do you have on each of these sites? Do you have the same number across all of them?


CJPhoto said...

Chris - I have somewhere between 200 and 400 photos on the sites. Except for istock, where I was more selective (due to a higher rejection rate and more involved upload process) all photos have been uploaded to all sites. The sites with the most photos earn the less money - probably on the basis that the stricter policy ensures a better quality of photo. However, there is no consistancy at what is accepted at each site. I have had some rejected at some sites only to have them reasonably good sales at other sites.