Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Survey says stock photos to cheesy

Photoshelter has recently conducted a survey of 700 stock photo buyers. 

The result, “The majority are cheesy, too staged, too stocky and not authentic.”  When asked, "When it comes to the images I search for most often, I think I've seen all of the content available within the major stock houses” 74% agreed or strongly agreed.  Basically this means designers want new, fresh content.

Follow the link below to see the areas which areas need more attention (eg. “The friendly guy with the headset isn't cutting it anymore!”, “It's difficult to find images that don't paint obese subjects unfavorably.” and "People with flaws" was another repeated request.)

Link (via Photopreneur)

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Boris Yankov said...

Of course, they surveyed the average macro-stock buyer, not the micro-stock buyer.

I've seen a lot of very original/creative photos in microstock and they very rarely sell well. Most of the market still wants the unrealistic photos with no flaws.

Ghost said...

They SAY they don't like the overly "stock" and "posed" photos, but I bet that's what they BUY.

Sure, we could take pictures of "average" looking people, but I bet they'd get rejected or just sit there ...

Cory said...

I agree with the comments above. The cliches sell. Then, the knock offs of those cliches sell too.

Although I think artists should branch out and experiment, I can't blame them for doing what sells.