Sunday, 22 April 2007

New features at LuckyOliver - the Slideshow

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LuckyOliver is starting to add some of the new features they promised at the beginning that they said would set them apart from the competition.

The first is "the slideshow". A premium placement section (like the paid ads in google searchs). The bonus for the photog is that you can set your own price and you get 50% commission. The downside is it is only avaliable to those with over 100 sales and in the future it will cost to get this placement (it is free for the first 90 days).

I can see pros and cons for this and at this stage, I would question why you would pay to get placement on a site where sales are still slow. But for 1 token (lots of people have these already so why not use them) getting premium placement might drive the sales?

To read the full details, have a look at this link.

They have also launched a forum. Nothing new - most sites have one but theirs is different, they call it the odditorium. The difference is it has no subforums but a search feature that works on keywords. I think this is good as I find it annoying to hve to look into several subforums just to find the new posts.

Have a look here.
stock photos, royalty free stock photography, photo search

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bryan_luckyoliver said...

He thanks for the mention CJPHOTO !

Yeah, it will be interesting to se how the new program works. There are a number of factors that make it interesting for photographers- from placement to pricing the photos.

You might update the title to 'Sideshow' :)