Monday, 23 April 2007

Payrise at Shutterstock, but .....


Shutterstock have announces their long signaled payrise for the year. As expected by many, the payrise was 5c per image representing a 20% increase on the previous payout. The payrise takes effect from 1 May.

But ...

The payrise only applies to those accounts where total sales is greater than $500. My guess is a vast majority of their photographers haven't reached this target so it will be costing them nothing. However, it does reward those who have earned them a reasonable sum.

While it could have been better, it is reasonable fair (would have been better to see 30c and 35c for the big earners). IN a sense it is a teired systems as used by some of the other sites (Fotolia and Istock)


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bree said...

Cant wait till I qualify for the 20% payrise. Shutterstock is my top earner.