Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Crestock - any one submit there?

Crestock Logo
I have just seen that Crestock has launched an affiliate program. I dont submit to Crestock but wonder whether I should be. An affiliate program shows one of two things to me - either desparation to get new photos or a desire to grow quickly into a top site. As Crestock has been around for a while it is my guess they are finally taking a stab at making it big. It might be time to join up?

Does anyone submit to Crestock?
How does it compare to other sites?
Has it been picking up recently?

If your not submitting to Crestock clilck one of the links or ads to join up.
Crestock Stock Photos


Lee Torrens said...

Hey CJ,

I submit to Crestock. Sales are slow, but as is also the case with LuckyOliver, I have enough confidence in their management and strategy that I'm willing to invest my time to contribute even though they're not bringing in the sales yet.

I didn't have the same confidence in CanStock after they ignored all my communication and I saw some disappointing behavior from the CEO.

I also know from personal communication with Crestock that after their recent website redesign and now the launch of their referral program, their strategy is now fully in place and their attention will turn to marketing and increasing sales. When you think about it, it's a better strategy to get these things perfect first, though you might lose a few contributors along the way.


CJPhoto said...

Thanks for you comments Lee.

I agree that it looks this is the start of an increased marketing push for them which should drive sales.

I have been testing snapvillage (due to the corbis ownership)but may put this on my trial list.

Tamara Kulikova said...

I submit to crestock, but sales are very slow so far, slower than anywhere else I submit (that's 6 more sites). I personally won't start referring yet, since I don't feel it's right to invite other people to join me in what can be a waste of time and effort. Maybe later

BTW - Lee Torrens, did you see this?