Saturday, 5 April 2008

iStock - the race for my first flame

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I currently have 2 photos sitting on 98 downloads so only 2 downloads away from getting flame status (ie 100DL). They really are two completely different stories about how I get my photos for microstock.

The first (Moroccoan Entrance) was taken in Morroco in Christmas 2005 when I was doing a tour there. It wasn't taken specifically for stock as I hadn't started that yet as I had only just got my DSLR and was still learning how everything worked. I got around to uploading it in October 2006 (I only started half way through 2006) and it has sold 5.2 times per month.

The second photo (Vineyard)was taken when I was back in New Zealand on holiday (NZ is my home but I was living in London at the time. I had driven past this vineyard so many times when I was younger - it has an amazing position where it rises up a hill away from an intersection (hard to describe but it looks amazing). Anyway, I was driving past there and thought it would make a great stock photo. So I jumped out, rattled off a few shots and eventually uploaded it at the end of June 07 - it now sells about 10 times per month.

So the race is on. For the past two months I have kept my eye on them because based on averages, they should both reach 100Dl in the same month. Hopefully it will be soon.
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