Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Shutterstock launches footage subscriptions


I dont do footage so not of interest to me, but it may be for you. Have a look at their press release for details.

Shutterstock Footage® to Introduce Subscription Product.
Launch is natural step for Shutterstock®, the industry leader in subscription-based access to premium visual content.
New York, NY-- April 16, 200 -- Shutterstock, a leader in the stock image industry, announced today that it will be adding a subscription product to its stock video library at Shutterstock Footage. Previously, video clips from the ever-expanding collection had been available only on a per-clip basis. With this launch, Shutterstock will offer customers the freedom provided by the subscription model, with the refreshing ease-of-use for which Shutterstock is known in the creative community. With a subscription to Shutterstock Footage, customers can download more material to inspire and fuel their creative projects without concerning themselves with per-clip charges and administration. Shutterstock Footage by subscription will be available starting April 16, 2008.

"We understand subscription, and why it works well for creative professionals," said Jon Oringer, Shutterstock's Founder & CEO. Adam Riggs, company President, added: "Shutterstock's image subscriptions provide immediate and unconstrained access to our library of photos, illustrations, and vectors; this new product will do the same for our video clip collection at Shutterstock Footage."

Subscriptions to Shutterstock Footage are available in two main types, one that entitles the subscriber to download clips in all formats including High-Definition (HD) and one that permits all formats except for HD. All subscription periods are 30 days, and subscribers choose which plan is best for them based on the quantity of footage they anticipate downloading during that period. This model gives maximum flexibility and value to subscribers: there is a plan here for someone seeking a modest number of non-HD footage over the course of a month and one that provides for more heavy usage, up to 50 clips at the highest resolution. The plans are as follows:

Shutterstock Footage's collection now contains almost 50,000 video clips in categories such as People, Animals/Wildlife, Transportation and Technology. Easily searchable by keyword, the footage library grows every day -- hundreds of clips are added each week -- meaning that subscriber searches constantly turn up fresh material.

Number of clips per 30-day subscription period
HD Included?
Cost per 30-day subscription
10 NO $269
25 NO $639
50 NO $1,199
10 YES $449
25 YES $1,059
50 YES $1,999


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